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Welcome to the Journey.

Business is about decisions and actions and at Crossroads Consultants we help business owners, managers and professionals to make better decisions and to develop the skills necessary to take better action.

One of the first things that we do with our clients is to take them through the initial exercise to lay a foundation for better decisions. This consists of mastering five key areas:

  1. Goals:
  2. What are your goals, dreams, problems or challenges? There are quite a lot of things to talk about in this area. Most people do a very poor job at goal setting.

  3. Obstacles:
  4. What are the obstacles to achieving your goals? Many are known, but maybe not all of them. Discussion must be made on potential obstacles. Are you actually one of the biggest obstacles to your own success?

  5. Resources:
  6. What resources do you have and what will you need to achieve your goals or solve your problems? Sometimes we don't have the resources because we did not think about what is needed. We cover this area in detail.

  7. Orientation:
  8. Many people do not take the time to really look at their surroundings. It is the old proverbial, "Canít see the forest, for all the trees" syndrome. We help our clients to have a better sense of getting their bearings.

  9. Game Plan
  10. Finally, with this information we can lay out a process to help our clients move forward. We create a basic road map with benchmarks along the way.

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