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Any journey or venture requires preparation. The better prepared, the better your skills. The more action you take the better your chances are for success.


You may have looked briefly at the results that working with Crossroads Business Consultants can help you achieve. You also should have noticed that we appreciate that every business is different and everyone has to chart their own course in how to solve their challenges and achieve their goals.

Now, a roadmap with a highlighted route will not get you to your destination: it takes action to do that. As our home page says "A Journey Begins.... with the first step!" Another way of looking at it is "you canít get there, standing here!"

When it comes to business management, where did you learn your skills? Even a good college education cannot teach you to be skilled in management. It is like sitting in a class to learn how to fly. Book-learning alone wonít give you the skills you need, and how many times have you heard of a person who was "self-taught"? Generally, they donít do as well as they think they are doing.
"As a new small business, we needed plenty of business advice, and Stan has been there every step of the way!"".

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Crossroads Consultants helps individuals to assess and develop their management and leadership skills. We equip business owners and others to apply those skills to improve their financial futures and current performance.

There are five areas that we evaluate for a business and see how we can help them further to reaching their potential. These five areas are critical to the success of any business. They are:
  1. Piloting
  2. The ability to get and maintain a bearing on where you are

  3. Positioning
  4. Understanding what value you have and provide to your clients - and how that differs from your competitors

  5. Planning
  6. Developing a well thought out roadmap to reach your destination and an itinerary with benchmarks along the way

  7. Performing
  8. Using the systems and skills needed to implement a plan

  9. Promoting
  10. Communicating clearly and concisely the most important information

Action Steps:

If you think this is too simple and is not for you, go to Want More! and request our "Initial Business Management Survey" and, after you have completed it, then letís talk.

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Read our Five Elements to Success White Paper that explains each of these five areas.